Basic Information about "Jastra"



Full Name:
Przedsiebiorstwo "Jastra" Sp. z o.o. ("Jastra" Co.Ltd)

Poland, 80-215 Gdansk, ul. Raciborskiego 51

Year of foundation:

Trade Register:

single person, director Barbara Glowacka
attorney: Iwona Jagiellowicz

4 persons

VAT: 584-020-01-98
(PL 5840200198 for trade inside European Union)

Bank accounts:

1. Credit Agricole Bank Polska SA o/Gdańsk, SWIFT/BIC code: AGRIPLPR

2. PKO Bank Polski SA, dept Gdańsk, Poland, SWIFT/BIC: BPKOPLPW

Privacy Policy in the "Jastra" web site

We do not trace our visitors activity and we do not send any cookies to mark their hard disks
because of any reasons.

All e-mail addresses of persons and companies contacting us and working in marine industry
are stored and used only for our mutual business contacts and will never be sold to anybody outside.

E-mail addresses of private persons, who contact us with non-commercial affairs, as for example students or researchers, are removed from our records, after they are not needed any more.
The collected information will never be sold to anybody outside.

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