HCP-Sulzer, Zgoda-Sulzer and another marine engines built in Poland

JASTRA offer deliveries of spare parts for some types of diesel engines built in Poland, most for marine and industrial applications:

(* - sorry, not all spares are produced now)

A. For following Sulzer engines built by ZUT ZGODA Swietochlowice:

B. For following Sulzer engines built by H.CEGIELSKI-Poznan:

C. For another engines built in Poland:

All products have the most popular Registers' test certificate, as for example: Polski Rejestr Statkow, Lloyd's Register of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, etc.

To place an enquiry for the ship, let us have following data:

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You may need reconstruction or update of old documentation for your engines.
Solution is here.

Jastra DO NOT offer spares for following engines:

Prices of genuine spare parts for MAN-HCP engines are high and time of delivery is long. Sorry. To skip our commission and improve delivery time, please visit:

H.Cegielski (HCP) home page

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Diesel and Gas Turbine Worldwide Catalog is possible to see online at http://www.dieselpub.com

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